"All things flow with the river and become one in its flow"

                                                                                                        Walt Whitman

Time Is A River: series, began in 2017

We are alive in time.

We are moved through time as if floating through a river.

We cannot step from this river.

It goes on and on.

We smile in the sunshine as ripples support us.

At times we are calmed by still pools

or caught up in blockages,


before rushing onward

towards chaotic falls,

then once again surfacing and going on.

Often drifting, seeing our reflection in clear pools of contemplation

then flowing through shallows.

From the the confusion of the rapids to placid meandering creeks.

Always the river flows and we are one with the river as it reflects the human journey.

Crisis will bring a whirlpool of emotions and danger

before the river wash once more sweeps us onward.

We see our companions on this journey.

Many times we lose sight of them

but they are still in this river of life

only transformed from our sight.

Tributaries flow into the river and our fluid progression

is refreshed and renewed.

Through all seasons, dawn to twilight and darkness the river flows.

Our lives are cyclic as the river

always returning to the great source over and over,

continuous change and impermenance.

                                   River   River   River

                                   ~ Karen Cain

calmed by still pools
the falls thumb.jpg